Vinyl wallpaper cleaning and maintenance for longevity

Regular maintenance is easy and rewarding for vinyl wallpaper. Its durability and ease of upkeep make it a popular choice for homes and offices. Following a few basic steps may keep your wallpaper vivid and clean, extending its life and attractiveness.

Dusting should be a regular cleaning chore. Gently dust surfaces with a soft cloth or duster. This keeps wallpaper shiny and avoids accumulation. A vacuum with a soft brush attachment can reach hard-to-reach spots and clean the entire wall.

A gentle soap and water solution usually removes tougher stains and spills. Use a delicate sponge to apply the mixture without saturating the wallpaper. Avoid surface damage by rubbing softly.

Abrasive equipment and chemicals can scratch and discolor wallpaper. Use a damp towel to avoid seam peeling or bubbling.

Finally, fix adhesive concerns immediately. A modest amount of wallpaper adhesive helps fix peeling edges. Be careful to apply sparingly and smoothly to avoid lumps.